About Wordessence

I started Wordessence in 2005, building on 20 years' experience of international marketing based both in the UK and continental Europe. Having worked at senior level for FTSE- and CAC 40-listed companies, I'm aware of today's commercial environment and the requirements of managing global and niche brands.

If you notice a high proportion of drinks-related work among recent commissions in 'The Portfolio' section, this is simply because much of my experience is in the drinks industry, where I've worked on some leading wine and spirit brands.

Wordessence is the response to a need I identified for targeted business writing services to help organisations maximise the efficiency of their written and spoken communications. Quite simply, I felt that the quality of copy on offer from some PR, promotions and advertising agencies I'd used could be improved upon, and so do my growing number of clients.

Wordessence is based in Surrey, south west of London in the UK, and is within easy reach of the capital and its main travel links. Contact details are at the foot of every section on this site.

James Clarke