The Wordessence Process

I work closely with you to clarify the key points for communication.
The process starts from a clear understanding of what you want to say. I'll work with you to establish the core message and the supporting points needed to communicate clearly.

We review how your competitors and category peers communicate.
Your message won't exist in a vacuum. An idea of how others in your field talk to the target audience will help us position what you want to say. We'll examine what works and decide how we make your message cut through the clutter.

We define a style that suits your business and differentiates it from others.
What you say is important, but the way you say it will determine whether your message gets across and how your audience views you. Building on the previous step, we'll find a style that fits your organisation and ensures you stand apart from the competition.

We refine the initial draft to integrate your comments.
Having delivered a first draft, I'll run through it with you and listen carefully to your comments, ensuring these are reflected in the subsequent adjustments until you are comfortable with both the style and content of the message.

We conduct a post-publication review to assess impact.
Once your message has been communicated I'll work with you to assess how it has been received. We'll note both the positive points and any key learnings to be factored in when refining your message for the future.